PDQ.js - Javascript version

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This is a version of PDQ compiled to Javascript/WASM with the Emscripten C->JS compiler.

It exports an ES Module with .mjs extension (for web) and a CommonJS module for node (for use with require()).


Documentation is here.

An example use looks like this:

require('./dist/pdq.js')().then(pdq => {
    const requests = 400;
    const threads = 300;
    const service_time = 0.444;

    pdq.init("My model");
    pdq.createClosed("Requests", pdq.BATCH, requests, 0.0);
    pdq.createMultiNode(threads, "Threads", pdq.MSC, pdq.FCFS);
    pdq.setDemand("Threads", "Requests", service_time);

Other examples are found in test.js (node) and test.html (web).


Emscripten (emcc and related) tools are needed for the build.


ATM the ES module only supports web and the CJS module only supports running in node. When https://github.com/emscripten-core/emscripten/issues/11792 and related issues are fixed I'll turn on environment=node,script and probably make the ES Module the only compiled output of the package.

First todo is to make a wrapper function that returns the results of report() as an object instead of logging to the console.